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Below you will find a list of items/advise we need for the restoration / conversion. Also we are missing cabin items such as exit signs and carpets. Any parts or manual of potential interest for this project is highly welcome and will be rewarded. Please contact us here.



Caravelle bulbs. Most of them are corroded and cannot be removed without destroying some of them. Where can we get these?
  These rivets where used on the glareshield. They are 7.2mm wide.
Air France used to paint their Caravelle instrument panels in a black matt colour with a kind of hammer finish. Where can one get this colour? Some panels do need a repaint.
Many small panel signs where attached using split rivets. Where to get exactly the same? See measurements on photo.
 Colour code of Air Frane scheme in 1960.  To repaint the fuselage in its original colour scheme we need the exact colour code.


Below you will find photos of Caravelle parts. These are all taken from F-BMKS c/n 181. They are available for sale or exchange. Please inquire and make an offer. Bare in mind that these are rare collector’s items.   The money will solely be used for the restoration of F-BHRU’s nose section. All items are “as removed” from the aircraft on March 11th 2004 in Toulouse.


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