Transair 3D-KIK – 24. August 2004

Date  24. August 2004
Location Gisenyi Airport, Rwanda
C/N 251
Model  Caravelle 11R
Airline Transair
Registration 3D-KIK
Occupants  0/3 + 0/5
Aircraft history Built in 1968
Accident description Caravelle 3D-KIK was chartered by the Celtel company to transport telecommunications equipment to Goma. Approaching Goma, the pilot was not allowed to land and was forced to hold near Goma. Low on fuel, the captain decided to divert to neighboring Gisenyi Airport’s in Rwanda. The Caravelle crashed on landing at Gisenyi Airport’s 1000 metre long runway 01/19. Uncertainty exist regarding the owner of the plane, which had been reported as Transair, Waltair and a Mr. K. Lemaire. (source Harro Ranter)