China Airlines B-1852 – 21. November 1971

Date  21.   November 1971
Location Formosa   Road, Pescadores, Taiwan
C/N 122
Model  Caravelle III
Airline China   Airlines
Registration B-1852
Occupants  8/8 + 17/17
Aircraft history B-1852 made its first flight on on March 20th 1962   and was delivered to Swissair as HB-ICS named “Schwyz” 9 days   later. It was bought by China Airlines   on January 12th 1971.
Accident description B-1852 was enroute from Taipei to Hong Kong when a  bomb exploded on board 50 miles west of Taiwan near Penghu Island,   Pescadores. The plane crashed into the Formosa road killing all 25 occupants on board.