Iberia EC-ATV – 07. January 1972

Date  07.   January 1972
Location San   Jose, Ibiza, Spain
C/N 163
Model  Caravelle VIR
Airline Iberia
Registration EC-ATV
Occupants  6/6 + 98/98
Aircraft history EC-ATV c/n 163 Caravelle 6R, made its first flight   on June 25th 1963 and delivered to Iberia named “Tomas Luiz de   Victoria” on July 9th 1963. The   aircraft was renamed “Maestro Victoria”.
Accident description Iberia flight 602 was en route from Madrid to Ibiza via   Valencia. At 12:00 local time IB602 started its fateful descend with 98   passengers and 6 crew members on board to the little island Ibiza. The pilot   was approaching runway 07 when he descened below 2000 feet. Neither the   Captain nor the co-pilot noticed the fatal descent below 2000ft as they were   chatting with the controller in the tower about a football match. Normal   approach procedure continued – flaps and gear were extended and at 1000 feet   the aircraft crashed into a hill near San Jose. All 104 occupants died – the   pilots did not look at their descent rate nor at their current altitude   although flying under IFR  conditions. Instead they were talking to the controller about a football match. The cloudlayer on that day was below 1000 feet.