Iberia EC-BDD – 4. November 1967

Date  4.   November 1967
Location Fernhurst,   England
C/N 202
Model  Caravelle   10R
Airline Iberia
Registration EC-BDD
Occupants  7/7 + 30/30
Aircraft history EC-BDD c/n 202 made its first flight on April 20th   1966 and was delivered to Iberia 9 days later named “Jesus Gurudi”.
Accident description Flight IB62 took of from Malaga for a flight to   London Heathrow. The plane was cleared to decent to 6000 feet and was leaving   FL 145. EC-BDD was heading to Epsom NDB and suddenly disappeared of the radar screen. At 22:02 local time IB62 flew into into the southern slope of Black Down Hill near Fernhurst. All 27 occupants died in the accident. The weather  at time of impact was:”[…] overcast with light rain […]”. At   time of impact the plane was still 90miles south of London Heathrow. The exact cause of the accident could not be determined but it is possible that   the pilots were confused with the altimeters and therefore thought they were   10.000 feet higher. Watch Video