Iberia EC-BIA – 13. August 1973

Date  13.   August 1973
Location La Coruna, Spain
C/N 225
Model  Caravelle   10R
Airline Aviaco
Registration EC-BIC
Occupants  6/6 + 79/79 +1
Aircraft history EC-BIC c/n 225 Caravelle 10R made its first flight   on June 19th 1967 and was delivered to Iberia as EC-BIC named “Emilito   Arrieta” 8 days later. It was leased to Aviaco on May 19th 1972. On   August 13th 1973 EC-BIC had flown about 13118 hours with 9380 cycles.
Accident description Since the early morning the foggy sitiation had been unchanged. Horizontal visibility was 1500 meters with a vertical visibilty of only 300m. EC-BID, a scheduld passenger flight from Madrid to La Coruna, was on the final approach at 11:33 local time. A go-around had to be initiated due to the low visibility. Even the second approach failed – the crew decided to perform a third and last attempt to land. If this would fail the Caravelle would have been flown to an altenate aerodrome. During the approch phase to runway 22 the tower reported visual contact with the Caravelle. But   the crew did not have any visual reference to the ground yet and descented  below the minimum altitude. Both pilots were looking out of the window instead on their altimeters. The commander saw trees and immidiately initiated a go around but the main gear and the right wing struck trees. The Caravelle collided with  several houses, caught fire and exploded in flames killing all 85 occupants  plus a person on the ground. The main cause of this tragic accident was the decision of the captain to descent below the minimum altitude.