TAC Colombia HK-1810 – 21. December 1980

Date  21.   December 1980
Location Riohacha,   Colombia
C/N 165
Model  Caravelle   VIR
Airline TAC   Colombia
Registration HK-1810
Occupants  6/6 + 64/64
Aircraft history HK-1810 c/n 165 Caravelle 6R, made its first flight   on April 16th 1963 and was delivered to Iberia as EC-ATX named   “Turina” 9 days later. In   February 1976 it was bouht by TAC Colombia.
Accident description The Caravelle took off for a scheduled flight from  Rio Hacha to Medellin at 14:18 local time. 7 minutes after takeoff a bomb   exploded in the rear part of the cabin. The pilot advised the controller that  he will try to land on an open field but the aircraft crashed soon after when the aircraft broke up inflight 500km north of Bogota. Some minutes before the take off an anonymous phone call advised the CEO of Aerocesar at  Riohacha:”it would be a good idea to stop the plane as it will not arrive at its destination”. The flight was bound for Bogota via Medellin. It is held possible that the drug-mafia was involved. Apparently the aircraft carried a large amount of fire work explosives that could have caused the crash.