Lineas Aereas Suramericanas HK-3932X – 31. January 2001

Date  31.   January 2001
Location Yopal,   Colombia
C/N 201
Model  Caravelle   10R
Airline Lineas   Aereas Suramericanas
Registration 9Q-CZZ
Occupants  0/3 + 3/3
Aircraft history F-RAFH c/n 201. First flown on January 21st 1966 as   F-BNRA and delivered 5 days later it was operated by UTA. After a short lease   to Air Afrique from 19. September 1975 to April 1976 as TU-TXQ it was   withdrawn from use and stored at Le Bourget. On October 7th 1976 the plane   returned to Air Afrique until 18. January 1977. It was then stored at Le   Bourget for 11 months until l’Armée de l’Air bought the aircraft. It was sold   to Colombia in August 1994 and continued to fly for Lineas Aereas   Suramericana as HK-3932X
Accident description The Caravelle was operating on a cargo flight   from Bogotá to Mitú via Yopal with 3 passengers (+ the crew of 3) onboard.   The aircraft departed Yopal at 13.45h. Arriving near Mitu, the crew had  problems lowering the landing gear and they decided to return to Yopal. The Caravelle circled Yopal for about 20 minutes before the crew started their  approach. Some 3 miles short of the runway, the aircraft crashlanded in a  meadow and caught fire. The cargo consisted of 14 barrels of gasoline. (Source: Harro Ranter)