SAS OY-KRA – 25. January 1974

Date  25.   January 1974
Location Stockholm Arlanda
C/N 6
Model  Caravelle   III
Airline SAS
Registration OY-KRA
Occupants  ?/? + ?/??
Aircraft history OY-KRA c/n 6 Caravelle 3, made its first flight on   April 24th 1959 and was delivered to SAS as “Vagn Viking” on May   5th 1959. It was converted to series III standards in mid 1960. In January   1974, after the plane was damaged, it was withdrawn at Stockholm Arlanda and   scrapped 8 moths later.
Accident description The aircraft was damaged and withdrawn from active service and stored at Arlanda Airport. It was  scrapped in August 1974.