SAS OY-KRB – 19. January 1960

Date  19. January 1960
Location Ankara, Turkey
C/N 14
Model  Caravelle IA
Airline SAS
Registration OY-KRB
Occupants  7/7   + 35/35
Aircraft history OY-KRB made   its first flight on November 8th 1959 and was delivered to SAS 10 days later   named “Orm Viking”.
Accident description The Caravelle 1 was enroute from Copenhagen to Cairo via Ankara in   Turkey. At 18:26 the aircraft was passing Göynük VOR at Flight level 135. At   18:41 the crew was instructed to decent to 12000 feet. After changing   frequency to 118.10 (Tower) SK871 was cleared to descent to 6.500ft at 18:43.   The weather was poor with heavy rain and snow. Just 4 minutes later, at 18:47   the gear struck a hill and some seconds later the aircraft exploded when it flew into another hill. The aircraft was established on the localizer runway 03 on 3-mile final but was flying 1100ft below the glideslope. The exact cause of this tragic accident could never be determined but it is very likely that the pilots were confused by the different altimeters. Early SAS Caravelles had 4 altimeters, 3 of them had 3 indicators (like a watch) one for 10, 100 and 1000feet. Only the Captain had a modern 2-indicator altimeter which was different to read. It is possible that the Captain got confused and did not notice he was flying 1100 feet too low (early Caravelles did not have GPWS)