Sterling Airways OY-STL – 14. March 1972

Date  14.   March 1972
Location Dubai,   Emirates
C/N 267
Model  Caravelle   10B3
Airline Sterling
Registration OY-STL
Occupants  6/6 + 106/106
Aircraft history OY-STL c/n 267 Caravelle 10B3, made its first flight   on May 10th 1970 and was delivered to Sterling on May 19th 1970.
Accident description The Caravelle was on a charter flight from Colombo via   Dubai to Copenhagen. While approaching Dubai in the evening of March 14th   1972 the pilots received clearance for a visual approach runway 30. Probably   the pilots mixed up the airport lights with Al Fujayrah, a small town near   the airport. The started the final descent and as they were on a visual   approach they were not looking on their instruments nor had they any visual   contact to the mountainous area in which they were flying. At 1500 feet the flight ended when Tango Lima crashed into a hill some 150 miles off the airport. All 112 occupants died – when the wreck was recovered the   investigators found old approach charts which may have contributed to the worst air disaster involving a Caravelle.