Transavia Holland PH-TRH – 22. June 1974

Date  22.   June 1974
Location Schiphol, Netherlands
C/N 96
Model  Caravelle   VIR
Airline Transavia
Registration PH-TRH
Occupants  0/6 + 0/??
Aircraft history PH-TRH c/n 96 Caravelle 6R, made its first flight on   October 23rd 1961 and was delivered to United as N1011U “Ville de   Dijon” 3 days later. It was leased to Transavia Holland and registered   PH-TRH named “Provincie Noord-Holland” May 15th 1971 and finally   Transavia bought the aircraft on October 15th 1971. After the incident at   Schiphol the aircraft was retired and broken up for scrap in January 1976.
Accident description Ex “Ville de Dijon” struck a fence with the right wing, causing severe damage to the airframe. The Caravelle was   withdrawn from use and broken up for scrap in January 1976.