Cruzeiro PP-PDX – 1. June 1973

Date  1. June 1973
Location Sao Luiz, Brazil
C/N 126
Model  Caravelle   VIR
Airline Cruzeiro
Registration PP-PDX
Occupants  0/6 + ?/17
Aircraft history PP-PDX c/n 126 Caravelle 6R, made its first flight   on July 18th 1962 as F-WJAN. It was delivered to Panair Do Brasil as   “Francisco Camargo” PP-PDX. In February 1965 the plane flew for the   Brasilian Governenmen before being leased to Cruzeiro do Sul on March 25th   1966.
Accident description PP-PDX was performing a go around at an altitude of   300 feet. The aircraft pitched up, stalled and crashed in a right bank   attitude 800 meters to the right of the runway centerline. Engine number one (left   one) wasn’t developing any thrust which resulted the aircraft to yaw to the   right. The low airspeed made it impossible to compensate the asymmetrical   thrust.