Panair Do Brasil PP-PDU – 6. September 1963

Date  6. September 1963
Location Recife,   Brazil
C/N 118
Model  Caravelle III
Airline Panair Do Brasil
Registration PP-SDU
Occupants  0/6   + 0/??
Aircraft history PP-PDU c/n   118 made its first flight on June 15th 1962 as F-WJAO and was delivered to   Panair Do Brasil one month later on July 19th 1962 and named “Antao   Lerne da Silvia”.
Accident description PP-PDU was flying from Salvador to Recife cruising at 26.500 feet. The crew contacted Recife Control over Maceio descended to 18.000 feet. Recife Approach later cleared the aircraft for 2.700 feet and advised the crew about another aircraft descending from 3000 to 2000 ft in the vicinity PP-PDU. When “Antao Lerne da Silvia” passed 5000 ft the pilot in command was surprised by the another aircraft passing right in front of them so he pulled the aircraft up to avoid collision.  The flight continued without any problems and the plane landed safely at Recife at 22.11 local time. The plane was flown to Rio and inspected by Panair Do Brasil mechanics. The plane was declared a write off and stored at   Rio Galeao where it was sold for scrap on March 28th 1969.