VT-DSB Indian Airlines – 4. September 1966

Date  4.   September 1966
Location Bombay,   India
C/N 134
Model  Caravelle   VIR
Airline Indian   Airlines
Registration VT-DSB
Occupants  4/4 + 0/0
Aircraft history VT-DSB c/n 134 made its first flight on November   13th 1964. Originally this plane was ordered by TWA but not taken up due to   financial problems of TWA. So it was that c/n 134 was registered VT-DSB,   named “Vayudoot” and ferried to India on November 28th 1964.
Accident description VT-DSB was on a training flight when the plane struck a hill at 800ft during a traffic pattern with a simulated engine failure. The crew lost control over the Caravelle jet and crashed. All 4 occupants   died. It is very likely that the pilot in command used the wrong rudder to correct the asymmetrical thrust. This was the second Indian Airlines accident within 6 months.