UP5 finished

Jan 11th, 2013 | By | Category: PROJECT NEWS, Restoration, Simulator Conversion

UP5 – The annunciator / warning panel in the Caravelle. This panel was the first to be converted to gain experience with the 52 year old buttons and how to rewire them. The original 28V lights for the annunciators were removed as LEDs are easier to control via computers and produce less heat. As a matter of fact the areas around the bulbs showed signs of extreme heat.

The original wrinkle paint on the panel was still in good condition and only a light coat of black paint sprayed over the panel.

The annunciator panels which house the lights were repainted.

The original press-to-test push buttons are still in working order after 32 years in the humid! Quality work indeed. The other switches turned out to be still working but heavily corroded making it necessary to replace them.

Connectors need to be soldered to easily remove the panels later in the cockpit.

After over 30 years the annunciator panel comes back to life!


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