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August: “Poitou” has been put back on its refurbished trailer and awaits repaint in September / October  2014. The correct colours of Air France have been found after over a year of research. The nose gear wheel well has been cleaned and left in its original condition. Areas of extensive corrosion have been repainted.

Meanwhile many other parts such as the radome or cockpit panels have been repaired and repainted. All major paint works will be completed by November 2014.

Meanhwile we are working on a video documentary of the project for release in November 2014. We have had interviews with fomer Sud Aviation employees and we are currently looking for ex Air France pilots who flew “Poitou” during her service life.

Please contact us.

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One Comment to “Restoration update”

  1. Ulla Rothe says:

    Amazig project :0 ) Thank You for this..

    I LOVE the Caravelle,.
    When i was a child, I remember , flying to Italy (Lake Garda) ( 1973 – 1981) with “STERLING AIRWAYS” and the Super Caravelle . So elegant it was….
    We flew from the tiny Verona Military Airport. I remember the plane landing, I remember the noise.. and refuling and then we into the plane at the back, . from a Iittle staircase …I was just a child, and so afraid ..those big engines.
    My mother was smoking, so we always got a seat near the the noisy engines! The cabin was dark.
    We could not talk very much, I remember, and I always got airsick.
    I also remember thes pecial wing, I took photos from the cabin, and I remember my mother asking the stewardesse if I could have a look into the cockpite ! The pilots always said “yes,” so I went into the cockpit a few minutes..amazing ..;0)

    Untill this day, I find it very emotional to see photos of all Caravelle, , and this video of the plane as well. Such an elegant plaine. It reminds me of my childhood …and all the great vacations in Italy…
    Here in Denmark- we have a very old, restored SAS Caravelle at a Museum in HELSINGØR .’
    I have been the 3 times.
    It is such a great nostalgic moment to enter the Caravelle plane again, to sit inside it, to tuch the planes fuselage, and I am so happy to see this video here as well.
    What an amazing project .

    Ulla Helweg Rothe

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