Poitou primed

Mar 23rd, 2014 | By | Category: Lead Article

March 2014: Nose section of F-BHRU “Poitou” has been primed. With the completion of corrosion works a layer of epoxy primer has been sprayed onto the fuselage. This will inhibit any further corrosion. Before “Poitou” will receive its original 1960s Air France colours the 1L main door mechanism has to be fixed and the projector platform on top of the cockpit designed and built. This will require some time and we estimate to repaint her somwhere in May-July. Polishing is well under way and almost complete on both sides. The cockpit section now has to be lifted from it platform to polish the lower side and restore the trailer.

Corrsion removed and ready for respray

Hopefully all exterior works will be complete by summer 2014.

Primed and polished



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