All overhead panels complete

Feb 16th, 2014 | By | Category: Lead Article, Simulator Conversion

With the completion of UP5 (Warning and Annunciator Panel) we have now finally completed all overhead panels of “Poitou”. They are tested and ready to be installed in the cockpit. We are currently working on the drawers for the avionics rack which will house all circuit boards for the simulator. Some programming is still left to be done but will be done once the equippment is completely installed in the cockpit.

Whereever we can we use original lightning. The entire integral lightning is 100% original. Some warning light are converted to LEDs but the UP5 annunciator panel uses its original 28V warning lights. They will illuminate when failures such as engine fire, engine failure, icing, low oil pressure  etc. occur. These failures can be very realistically simulated in X-Plane.

It may seem odd that we have started with the less important panels and slowly move on to the main panels. As we gain experience with the restoration, repaint with 1950s wrinkle paint and wiring we can speed up the process and have all skills and knowledge required to perfectly restore and programme the important and complex main panels and gauges.

All panels are by now repainted and awate assembly. Flight Engineer panels will be next followed by the Main Panels. Conversion of radios and weather radar controls are currently 50% complete.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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