Corrosion treatment of lower cabin floor nears completion

Sep 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Lead Article

September 8th 2013: In recent months work has been focusing on the lower cabin floor which was in terrible condition. Over a period of 50 years large quantities of dirt, nicotine, oil and hydraulic fluid accumulated below the cabin floor which proved to be extremely difficult to remove. The most useful chemical product turned out to be “acetone” which has to be used with caution as it will dissolve the insulation if exposed for more than a minute. The structure below the pantry and entry doors was painted in white by Air France pretty early during its service life. This provided additional protection against corrosion.
Corrosion treatment on “Poitou” should be completed by the end of the year when recabling will begin.

Air France painted the “wet areas” such as pantry and doors in white to provide additional protection against corrosion. A common practise even today.

Dust and Dirt is being checked for any valuable parts or screws.

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