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Jul 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Lead Article

July 2nd 2013: Restoration work on SE210 c/n 58 “Poitou” continues. Work is focussing on corrosion removal, treatment and cleaning throughout the entire nose section. This is a painstaking work and requires a lot of time. The following images will give you an idea of what and how it is being done.

Results of the Asbestos test have been received as well: No Asbestos containing materials were used on the flight deck of the SE210 Caravelle.
Radioactivty tests were performed on all panels and gauges and show no sign of radioacitvity. Only the cabin altitude selector contains very light radioactive material. For many years radium was used to make luminescent dials for various purposes. The radium was mixed into a paint with a phosphorescent agent that emitted light after absorbing the radiation from radium’s decay process.
This is excellent news for the Caravelle Simulator Project.

Testing the inverters for possible use in the simulator. The Inverter FAN works but the unit does not give any output due to a faulty regulator. Inverter 2 will be tested shortly…The inverters would provide an excellent sound source as they were the primary noise source in the cockpit.

In parallel handles and placards are being restored. Attention is being paied to every detail. Once completed “Poitou” will look like on the day of delivery in November 1960.

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