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Video documentary online!

Check out the video documentary about the Caravelle and the simulator project.!

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Repaint complete!

October 2014: The nose section of former Air France Caravelle F-BHRU “Poitou” has been repainted and polished to her former glory. Over 1000 hours were required but the results are stunning. The colours have been carefully researched and match the original by 99%. Work is now focussed on rewiring and setting up control loadings. The

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Repainting of “Poitou” has begun

September 2014: The repaint of the cockpit section of Poitou has begun. So far the dark and light blue stripes are applied.  The white stripe and top will be applied shortly. Exterior works should be complete by the end of the month! Stay tuned for more updates.

Polishing works are almost complete.

Restoration update

August: “Poitou” has been put back on its refurbished trailer and awaits repaint in September / October  2014. The correct colours of Air France have been found after over a year of research. The nose gear wheel well has been cleaned and left in its original condition. Areas of extensive corrosion have been repainted. Meanwhile

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All overhead panels complete

With the completion of UP5 (Warning and Annunciator Panel) we have now finally completed all overhead panels of “Poitou”. They are tested and ready to be installed in the cockpit. We are currently working on the drawers for the avionics rack which will house all circuit boards for the simulator. Some programming is still left

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"Poitou" in service


Photo of “poitou” in service

Rare photographs of F-BHRU when it was still in service. They were taken by Sabena Flight Attendant Michel Anciaux. The photos were taken in the late 1970s or very early 1980s before retirement of F-BHRU. So far they are the only photos showing the cockpit of F-BHRU when still in service. Many thanks to Monsieur

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Parts for sale

Added for sale on February 1st 2013

UP5 from F-BMKS for sale

UP5 annunciator panel from F-BMKS C/N 181 ex Finnair OH-LSA. It is complete and in good condition. Right outer side is slightly bend outwards.




We are looking for these items!   Below you will find a list of items/advise we need for the restoration / conversion. Also we are missing cabin items such as exit signs and carpets. Any parts or manual of potential interest for this project is highly welcome and will be rewarded. Please contact us here.

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