Caravelle Simulator Visual complete

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Visual complete

February 2016: Image warping complete and the sim is ready to take flight.

Lead Article


Poitou is getting closer to her second first “flight”

January 2016: Most gauges are now installed and tested. 70% of coding is done and the 220° screen is completed. In February the last 30% of coding will be done. We plan on opening the simulator on May 27th 2016 to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the first flight of the Caravelle. Watch this video

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“Poitou” moved to her new home in Munich

October 2015: ex F-BHRU “Poitou”‘s nose section was successfuly moved to her new home in Munich.  The new 140m² hangar will allow the construction of the visual system. It is located 5m below the surface in a giant basement providing a cool and dry environment.    


Caravelle project continued – programming gauges

August 2015: Progress has been excellent in recent days. All engine & hydraulic gauges have been installed and brought to life. The HZ4 horizons have working flight director bars and integral lightning. Watch these you tube videos for more: Engine spool up Hydraulic leak (Simulated)  



Project update April 2015

Good progress is being made on all fronts. Here is a list of what has been done in the past 3 months and some photos. Make sure you check out our facebook ( page which is updated more often: – The rear cabin wall has been installed – The original Air France wallpaper has been

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"Poitou" in service


Photo of “poitou” in service

Rare photographs of F-BHRU when it was still in service. They were taken by Sabena Flight Attendant Michel Anciaux. The photos were taken in the late 1970s or very early 1980s before retirement of F-BHRU. So far they are the only photos showing the cockpit of F-BHRU when still in service. Many thanks to Monsieur

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Parts for sale

Added for sale on February 1st 2013

UP5 from F-BMKS for sale

UP5 annunciator panel from F-BMKS C/N 181 ex Finnair OH-LSA. It is complete and in good condition. Right outer side is slightly bend outwards.




We are looking for these items!   Below you will find a list of items/advise we need for the restoration / conversion. Also we are missing cabin items such as exit signs and carpets. Any parts or manual of potential interest for this project is highly welcome and will be rewarded. Please contact us here.

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